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  • December 28, 2020
On December 21, Congress passed a comprehensive bi-partisan year-end bill that funds the federal government through FY 2021, provides additional COVID relief and economic stimulus funds, and includes important changes to the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.
The legislation was finally signed into law by President Trump late Sunday, December 27, averting a government shutdown on Tuesday.Along with the COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus funds, the bill includes provisions which will help to alleviate the 10.2% reduction in Medicare’s payment rates (due to the 10.2% decrease in the conversion factor for 2021) included in the CMS 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule. The bill provides:

  1. An increase of 3.75% to the PFS conversion factor for all specialties and services in 2021.
  2. A three-year delay in payments for a new add-on evaluation and management (E/M) code G2211 for visit complexity inherent in E/M visits.
  3. An extension of the 2% sequestration moratorium until March 31, 2021.
  4. A delay in the effective date for the Radiation Oncology (RO) Model until January 1, 2022.

Now that the bill has been signed into law, CMS will need to recalculate the 2021 Conversion Factor.

The bill also includes provisions that would protect patients from surprise medical bills, and provides additional flexibility in provider COVID-19 relief fund reporting requirements.

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