Put Oplinc’s Vast Knowledge to Work for You.

We have a wide-array of consulting services for oncology professionals

Pharmaceutical Companies:
Oplinc focuses on issues relevant to cancer centers and their mission to provide and protect patient access to quality cancer care. Oplinc is able to provide oncology professionals with an objective national viewpoint on issues impacting the oncology community. Insight and understanding of the current legislative issues and market place forces impacting your clients is crucial.

Oplinc’s experience within the oncology community has enabled us to work on-site and remotely in hundreds of oncology clinics in markets both large and small. We have gathered and shared best practices within the increasingly important profession of oncology practice management. It is these best practices that will guarantee the future of community oncology.

In today’s healthcare environment it is increasingly important that we understand the market and governmental dynamics affecting the delivery of healthcare.

Oplinc specializes in education, providing expert knowledge in the issues that impact the oncology community and the forces that influence the use and delivery of cancer services.

Oplinc offers a wide-array of consulting services for oncology professionals including onsite and remote consultations, teleconferences, seminars, and web-based programs.

Oplinc’s areas of expertise include:

  • Health Care Environment Analysis and the Impact on Oncology
  • Oncology Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement Education
  • Private Payer Initiatives
  • Patient flow and Staffing Utilization
  • Contracting
  • Community Specific Market Position Strategies
  • Organizational Structure
  • Revenue Flow Analysis
  • Business Office Policies & Procedures
  • Compliance Plans